Barclaycard Credit Cards

Barclays Bank does business in the United States as Barclaycard, and it offers a number of credit cards in various categories. Below we offer an overview of Barclaycard’s credit cards…

  • The is a competitive cash back credit card, offering 1.5% cash back on all your purchases. In addition, 5% of the amount you redeem is added as a bonus into your account toward your next rebate redemption, which pushes the cash back percentage a bit above the 1.5% level.
  • The offer “miles” equal to a penny per mile in airline/travel benefits. (For example, 10,000 miles equals $100 of travel benefits.) The card has an $89 annual fee (waived for the first year). It offers 2 miles per dollar on all purchases, plus a 40,000-mile bonus if you use it for at least $3000 in spending in the first 90 days. Every time you redeem your miles, you get a head start on your next redemption by having 5% of the amount you just redeemed put back into your account.
  • The is issued by Barclaycard in partnership with Uber. It offers a strong cash back/rewards formula that will be attractive to many on-the-go young adults, including a 4% rebate on restaurant purchases, 3% back on air and hotel travel, 2% on online purchases (which includes Uber as well as subscriptions like Netflix), and 1% back on everything else. No annual fee.