Review: Best Western Credit Card

best-western-mastercardBest Western, in partnership with First Bankcard / First National Bank of Omaha, offers several credit cards that allow you to gain rewards for Best Western stays and other purchases. Our overview / review of each card is below:

  • The has no annual fee and offers 13 points per dollar on Best Western stays and 1 point per dollar on all other card purchases. You can earn bonus points for using the card in the short term: 10,000 bonus points if you use the card for at least $1000 in purchases in the first 3 months and another 10,000 if you use it for at least $3000 in purchases in the first 6 months. Each Best Western point seems to be equal to — $50 in Best Western travel credit requires 12,000 points, for example — so take that into consideration when seeing these point totals. Interest rate between 15.99% and 22.99% (depending on your credit history) is not so great — so be sure you always pay off your complete card balance.

  • The may interest you if you really stay at Best Western often. It has an annual fee of $59 (but $0 the first year you have the card) but higher point rewards. You get 20 points per dollar on Best Western stays and 1 point per dollar anywhere else the card is used. Your upfront bonuses are bigger, too: 25,000 bonus points if you use the card for at least $2500 in purchases within 3 months, and an additional 25,000 if you spend at least $5000 with the card in the first 6 months. You’ll also get an annual 20,000 bonus points if you’ve put at least $10,000 in purchases on the card in the previous year. As noted above, , so take that into consideration in calculating the value of all the rewards. The interest rate range on this card is slightly lower than the no-annual-fee version, at 14.99% to 19.99% depending on your credit history.
  • The is for those with bad credit. Unlike “regular” credit cards, secured credit cards require you to make a security deposit, and your credit line is equal to the amount of that deposit. In this case, you can deposit anywhere from $300 to $5000. You use the card just like any other credit card, meaning you pay it off each month; the security deposit is only there as a backup, and it will be returned to you when you no longer want the card (provided you’ve completely paid your balance). It also has a $40 annual fee in addition to your security deposit. In terms of Best Western rewards, it gives you 13 points per dollar on Best Western stays, 1 point per dollar on all other purchases, and a 5,000-point bonus the first time you use the card. Interest rate is 20.99%. Note that the card issuer First Bankcard says you may be able to “Graduate to an unsecured card in as little as 11 months when you maintain a good payment history” on this card, so you may only need to put a deposit down for a little while. (See out secured credit cards page for other options if you have bad credit.)
  • The is like the no-annual fee consumer card at the top of this page but meant for small business owners. You earn the same points on card purchases and same bonuses. However, the interest rate may be a touch sweeter — it offers a range between 12.99% and 19.99% depending on the credit history of the person who owns the business.

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