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Review: Starwood Hotels Credit Cards

Starwood Hotels & Resorts, in partnership with American Express, offers a consumer credit card and a business card that allow you to earn points in the Starwood Preferred Guest program. Our overview / review of these cards is below:

The can be used wherever American Express is accepted. It allows you to earn points in addition to those you would normally earn through the Starwood Preferred Guest program:

  • 2 Starpoints for every dollar charged to the card at Starwood & Marriott hotels.
  • 1 Starpoint per dollar on all other purchases.

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Affinity Credit Cards

Affinity credit cards are cards that allow you to indirectly contribute to an organization via your credit card spending. You use your credit card like any other credit card, and a percentage of your spending is given to the organization. (Though the amount the organization actually gets from your card spending is rarely divulged.)

In some cases, the organization may get an ongoing licensing fee from the issuing bank for the right to issue cards with its logo, but, either way, you help the organization by using its credit card.
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Comenity Bank Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

Comenity Bank is the issuer of many private label credit cards, meaning that Comenity is the bank that actually issues credit cards for retailers like Ann Taylor, Crate & Barrel, Eddie Bauer, Victoria’s Secret, and more. However, when it comes to making a payment or getting customer service help, there is no central Comenity phone number to call or address to send to or account login page. Instead, you must find the information specific to your credit card.

The easiest way to find this information is to search for the credit card you need help with from .
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Easy Approval Credit Cards

Here’s an easy rule of thumb when it comes to getting approved for a credit card: the higher the interest rate on the card, the easier it is to be approved. Makes sense, right? Credit card companies charge those with shaky credit higher interest rates. So, you can deduce which cards will be easier to get by looking at their interest rates. It’s not foolproof, but it’s close.
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Average Credit Card Rates – July 2017

average-card-rates225The current average credit card rate for the overall market is 19.55%, a significant jump from last month’s 19.38% average, and the highest rate in the 3+ years we have tracked the market. This month’s jump is directly related to the increase in Federal interest rates, but credit card rates were steadily rising long before Federal rates began to be raised. The 19.55% average includes both bank credit cards and retail credit cards. See below for further breakdowns of rate averages by category.

Comparing current rates to the past, the average credit card rate at this time last year was 18.74%. Going back two years, the average rate in July of 2015 was 18.31%; in July of 2014 it was 17.71%. As you can see, the average credit card rate is now almost two full percentage points higher than it was three years ago.
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Review: The Container Store Credit Card

The Container Store, in partnership with Synchrony Bank, that allows you to finance your purchases at a 0% rate. But watch that fine print! Our complete overview/review of the Container Store credit card is below:

The first thing to know about this card is that it is only accepted at The Container Store, nowhere else. This limited acceptance is a strike against it; opening new credit lines can hurt your credit, especially if you have a poor credit history. You should think hard about opening any new credit line, but especially for a credit card that can not be used widely.
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Review: Musician’s Friend Credit Card

Instrument retailer via Synchrony Bank designed to help customers stretch out payments — often at a 0% interest rate. But there are dangers, too. Our overview / review of the card is below:

Musician’s Friend knows that musical instruments aren’t cheap, and that you might not have the money to pay all at once. So they offer special financing that allows you to pay off your instrument over time. Namely, you can buy your instruments at a 0% interest rate and you get 6 months to 12 months to pay off the purchase without paying any interest.
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Highest Interest Rate Credit Cards

Every so often you’ll hear a horror story of a little-known credit card with a crazy-high interest rate (like the ), and you’ll be shocked, and you’ll think, “I’d never fall for that.” But… you might. In fact, some of the most popular credit cards on the market have much higher interest rates than you’d imagine. Below we’ve listed the highest rate credit cards that you might actually want to carry in your wallet, not obscure cards that no one cares about. You might even be carrying one of these cards right now. If so, be aware you’re playing with dynamite.
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How to get your free annual credit report from each reporting agency

If you want to see (for free) what is on your credit report, the only sure way to get a free report with no strings attached is to request your report from the Website . As the site says, it is “the official site to get your free annual credit reports. This right is guaranteed by Federal law.”

You may be able to get a free credit report elsewhere, but often it is bundled as part of some sort of credit scoring package that you have to pay for. No need to do that. Just use .
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Best No Annual Fee Credit Cards for International Travel

If you are traveling outside of the U.S. this year, you’ll want to take a credit card that has no extra fees on foreign transactions. But most cards with no foreign transaction fees have annual fees, because the cards are often geared to frequent travelers. (Foreign transaction fees usually add 3% to the cost of anything you buy outside the U.S.!)

However, we’ve made a list of the best credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, AND other features that make sense for traveling abroad:

  • – Capital One does not charge international transaction fees on ANY of their credit cards, so all of them are good choices for international travel. We choose this card, though, because it gives 3% cash back on restaurant purchases, which are likely to be your most-common purchases when outside the country. You’ll also get a 2% rebate on groceries (which you might also be buying if you stay at a vacation rental), and 1% on all other purchases.
  • – Offers a 1.5-point-per-dollar rewards program, which equates to a 1.5% rebate on your travel purchases when redeemed. If you have other Bank of America accounts, you could be eligible for another 10% customer bonus, bringing your rebate percentage up to 1.65%. If you spend $1000 with this card in the first 90 days of having it, you’ll get a 20,000-point/$200 bonus reward.

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