Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fees

For years, many credit cards have charged extra fees on purchases made outside of the United States, known as foreign transaction fees, or international transaction fees. In recent years, however, many credit cards have eliminated these fees, especially for travel-related credit cards, or as a perk for cards with an annual fee. Below is a list of credit cards that charge no foreign transaction fees, along with a note on whether or not the card has an annual fee:

  • – Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees on ANY of its credit cards, and has not charged these fees for years.
  • – Amazon’s credit cards have no foreign transaction fees, no annual fee, and you can earn Amazon reward points on all purchases.

  • – Travel points credit card has no foreign transaction fee. No annual fee.
  • – No foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, and a low interest rate as well. Unfortunately, no rewards program, either.
  • The is a rewards card with a $95 annual fee but no foreign transaction fees. Do not confuse it with the no-annual-fee ThankYou Preferred Card, which does charge fees on international purchases.
  • – No foreign transaction fee, but a $95 annual fee after the first year. The also charges no foreign transaction fees, but has an annual fee of $450.
  • The and both come with no foreign transaction fees, but have annual fees of $95 and $450, respectively.
  • – This is the top-level Southwest credit card, with a $99 annual fee. While it has no foreign transaction fees, do not confuse it with Southwest’s other Rapid Rewards “Plus” Card, which does have a foreign transaction fee.
  • – This Marriott rewards credit card with an $85 annual fee has no foreign transaction fees.

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