Dental Credit Cards

care-credit-cardThere are various credit cards and financing offers available for dental care, especially for cosmetic procedures that cost more, such as dental implants. However, note that while some offer extremely low interest rates as an upfront incentive, the rates will often skyrocket if you don’t pay off your balance within the promotional periods offered.

Below are some of the dental credit options on the market today:

  • – Perhaps the best known of the lot, this company offers credit for both preventive and cosmetic dental procedures, as well as other health procedures. You can use the “Find A Doctor” link on their site to see which doctors near you accept Care Credit.

  • – Citibank offers this dental credit card (and other health procedures) through a variety of providers. You can search for a particular dentist at their site or find a new doctor that offers financing with the card.
  • – Finance your dental procedures at rates as low as 0%.
  • – Get 0% financing on some dental procedures or string your payments out as long as 7 years under certain financing arrangements.
  • – Offers dental credit for certain procedures when you use a dentist within their network.

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