Does Anthropologie offer a credit card?

Anthropolgie does NOT offer its own credit card, so if you were hoping to earn rewards off your Anthropologie habit, you are out of luck.

However, this made us think to ourselves; what credit cards might an Anthropolgie fan crave? After all, Anthropologie is a rather unique store, with a mix of clothing and home furnishings unlike most stores on the market. Somehow, Anthropologie makes it all work. But what other stores are somewhat similar to Anthropolgie AND offer a credit card?

  • – A little less funky than Anthropologie, but may be interesting to you. Can be used at Ann Taylor and LOFT.
  • – Earn rewards toward future Crate & Barrel discounts.
  • – Clothing and jewelry retailer has some commonality with Anthropologie’s style.
  • – Home decor store often has interesting offerings.
  • – Another popular home furnishings store that Anthropologie shoppers are likely to check out.

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