Fidelity Credit Cards Review

fidelity-credit-cardsFidelity offers 2 credit cards with generous rewards, provided you are willing to have your rewards go straight into a Fidelity account instead of straight into your hands. Below we review both Fidelity American Express Cards:

  • The offers you a 2% rebate on your card purchases (given as 2 points per dollar), with the money you earn going straight into the Fidelity Investments account of your choice. Every time you reach $2500 in spending (5000 points), $50 goes into the Fidelity account of your choice, including retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, cash management accounts, and 529 plans. You also have the option to use your points for other gift card, travel, or merchandise rewards, but in most cases taking the cash will give you the best value. No annual fee, interest rate of 14.24%.

  • The is essentially the same card as the one above, just marketed under a different name. Both cards have identical features.

If you qualify for these cards, we are enthusiastic about their rebates and rates, and consider these some of the best cards on the market.

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