Military Credit Cards

usaa-credit-cardsSeveral organizations exist that offer special financial products, including credit cards, to active duty and retired military members and their families. You can often get a better deal from these cards than you can on the open market. Below is an overview of some cards to look at if you have military experience or are related to a current or former military member:

  • The are widely accepted at military facilities including tactical field exchanges and temporary exchange facilities. To apply online, you must to reach the card application.
  • offers credit cards to military and other Department of Defense employees, including generous reward cards and lower interest cards than you might find elsewhere.

  • The from Chase all offer 2% cash back at military retailers, and 1% back everywhere else you use the card. If you are deployed, you will receive a full refund of any interest or fees incurred during deployment.
  • The Air Force Federal Credit Union with an interest rate as low as 8% .
  • The offers 2 fixed-rate credit cards with low interest rates and an optional rewards program.
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union offers to the military and other government employees, though in truth anyone has the ability to join this credit union if they are determined to be a member.