New CITGO Credit Card to Offer 5-Cents Off Each Gallon of Gas

CITGO Petroleum announced today a new gas rewards credit card that will give cardholders a 5-cent rebate on every gallon of gas charged to the card. The card is being launched via their partner Citibank’s Retail Services division. The new CITGO Rewards Card will be available starting September 1, and will be available for online applying at .

CITGO currently offers its own credit card, but there is no rewards program attached, so the new Rewards Card may entice greater usage from current cardholders in addition to the new customers that sign up.

Not surprisingly, the demand for gas credit cards increases as the price of gas goes up, so CITGO is picking a good time to launch, as gas prices have again crept up past the $3.50 per gallon mark in most cities.

Rebates on the new CITGO Rewards credit card will only be given on actual gas purchases, not other purchases with the card.