Orchard Bank Credit Cards No Longer Offered

orchard-bank-credit-cardOrchard Bank credit cards are no longer offered to new customers. (See our unsecured credit cards for bad credit page for other options.) Capital One purchased the Orchard Bank credit card portfolio from HSBC (along with other HSBC credit cards in North America) and stopped offering the card to new applicants in mid-2012.

If you already have an Orchard Bank credit card, you should have gotten a new card from Capital One. In addition, if you want to make online payments or manage your account, you will be transitioned from the old Orchard Bank to your new Capital One online account. Note that you will have to log in to your Orchard Bank account one last time in order to transition to the new Capital One online account.

The loss of the Orchard Bank credit card from the market is a blow to consumers with bad credit histories who often found the card easier to get than other credit cards on the market. Orchard Bank offered both unsecured credit cards (a standard credit card) and secured credit cards (a deposit is necessary to get the card). Capital One already has a secured credit card and other offerings for cardholders up and down the credit rating spectrum, so it is doubtful that the Orchard Bank credit card will return in the future.

See our Capital One Credit Cards section for information on other options from Capital One now that Orchard Bank cards have been shut down. You might also be interested in our unsecured credit cards for bad credit page or see our secured credit cards page for cards that require a deposit but can help you build your credit.

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