Average Credit Card Limit Statistics – November 2017

albinamatveeva.ru estimates that the average limit on a credit card in the United States is $4610. If we include all the credit cards an average American carries, the average available credit per person on credit cards is $17,795.

Using breakdowns between types of customers based on a report by credit reporting agency Experian in early 2015, we estimate per-card credit limits for consumers based on their credit history:

  • Super-Prime (Credit score of 781-850): $11,870 limit per card
  • Prime (661-780 credit score): $6500 limit per card
  • Near Prime (601-660 credit score): $2835 per card
  • Subprime (500-600 credit score): $1199 per card
  • Deep Subprime (300-499 credit score): $645 per card

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Review: Sierra Trading Post Credit Card

tjx-credit-cardDiscount outdoor retailer Sierra Trading Post is part of the TJX Companies, which also includes TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and other retail chains. So, , which offers some nice rewards as long as you don’t carry a balance on the card. Our overview / review of the card is below:

First, you should understand how the application process works. If you apply for a TJX credit card, your credit history will assessed, and you may qualify for the TJX Rewards MasterCard if your credit is very good. The MasterCard can be used at Sierra Trading Post and anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. However, if your credit history is average or worse, you may only qualify for the TJX Rewards store card, which is accepted only at TJX stores including Sierra Trading Post, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods. This store-only card offers fewer potential rewards.
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Review: Uber Visa Credit Card

The car service Uber, in partnership with Barclaycard, with some inspired rewards for the right person. Are you that person? Check out our overview/review of the Uber Visa below to decide for yourself.

So, let’s start with the rewards program and see what you get for charging your purchases to the Uber Visa. You receive:

  • 4% cash back on restaurant purchases, including those ordered through UberEats.
  • 3% cash back on airline and hotel stays, as well as on vacation rental/Airbnb stays.
  • 2% cash back for online purchases, which includes e-commerce shopping as well as subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., and, of course, Uber.
  • 1% cash back on everything else.

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Average Credit Card Debt – November 2017

This month we calculate the average credit card debt per credit card holder in the United States to be $5338.48. The average credit card debt per household is $8137.53.

How did we arrive at these numbers?

Using data from the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Census, and various other sources, we note that revolving credit card debt was just over $1 trillion in September ($1.0056 trillion to be exact). About 77% of the country’s 326+ million people are 18 or over, and about 75% of those people are credit card holders. The average household has 2.64 people.
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Dick’s Sporting Goods Credit Card Payment, Login, and Customer Service Information

The Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card is issued in partnership with Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank) and you will make payments to Synchrony Bank and interact with Synchrony if you have questions or problems with your Dick’s credit card. (Technically the card is now known as the Rewards Of Sport credit card.) Key info on paying your Dick’s bill or reaching customer service is below:

  • If you want to pay your Dick’s Sporting Goods credit card bill online, you can .

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Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards – November 2017

zero-percent225 If you have a significant balance on your current credit card, it makes sense to find a new credit card that will let you transfer that balance and let it sit at a 0% interest rate while you pay it off. The credit cards below all offer a zero percent balance transfer rate for a limited period of time and have no annual fee:

  • Our choice for the best 0% balance transfer card. Offers a 0% interest rate on balance transfers for 15 billing cycles, with No Balance Transfer Fee, provided you transfer the balance within 60 days of card opening. (There is a 3% balance transfer fee after that first 60 days.) You’ll also get a 0% rate on new purchases for the first 15 months. After 15 months the interest rate could be anywhere from 12.99% to 22.99%, depending on your credit history.
  • – Offers a 0% interest rate for 15 months on transferred balances, with no fee for balances transferred within 60 days. (0% rate on new purchases for 15 months, too.) Your APR on transferred balances after the first 15 months will be from 15.99% to 24.74%, depending on the rate you are approved at (which depends on your credit history). Note that the balance transfer fee bumps up to 5% after 60 days, so get it done early.

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Credit Cards Issued by Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank)

Synchrony Bank (formerly GE Capital Retail Bank) is the bank that is “really” behind many of the most popular retail credit cards out there. This means that if you have one of these cards, it is Synchrony Bank that is extending you credit and it is Synchrony you will be dealing with in the future, not the company whose name is on the front of the card. Synchrony Bank credit cards include:

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How to Check the Status of Your Credit One Bank Application

If you have applied for a credit card from Credit One Bank, you can always check your application status online at .

The length of time it will take for Credit One to approve or reject your application will vary, based on the type of card you are applying for, your credit history, and whether or not you have received a “pre-approved” credit card offer in the mail vs. applying cold on the Credit One Bank online site.
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