Review: Bank of the West Credit Cards

bank-of-the-west-credit-cardBank of the West offers for customers of various credit types, though none of the cards are especially appealing when compared to the wider market. Our overview / review of the cards is below:

  • The is a basic no-annual-fee credit card with no rewards program and the lowest interest rate of the bank’s cards — 16.99%. It also offers a 0% rate on purchases for the first 6 months you have it. We’re not so impressed by this offering — if your credit is good enough to qualify for this card and you are most interested in having a great rate, check out other options on our Low Interest Credit Cards page.

  • The is for those a little less concerned about the card’s rate because they always pay off their full balance each month. It has a points reward program — you get 1 point per dollar, and points can be used for gift cards, travel rewards, etc. Looking at the rewards catalog offered, these points are worth less than a penny per point, which is generally the industry standard for rewards. You can do better — see our Cash Back Credit Cards or Rewards Credit Cards pages for other options that give you greater rewards per dollar.
  • The appears to be geared to those whose credit histories would not qualify them for one of the other two cards. It has an interest rate of 20.99% and no rewards. As far as we can tell, there’s no reason to apply for this card directly — you might as well apply for the Platinum Credit Card and see if you qualify. Our guess is that Bank of the West will offer you this card if you don’t qualify for Platinum.

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