Review: BMO Harris Bank Credit Cards

harris-bank-credit-cardBMO Harris Bank, with locations throughout the Midwest as well as Florida, offers , though it’s difficult to understand why you would choose at least a couple of them. Our review of the Harris Bank cards is below:

The thing we like best about all of the BMO Harris Bank credit cards is that they have low interest rates. Even the cards with rewards have very reasonable rates, which is rare in the industry.

Let’s look at the cards one by one, to see what each offers:

  • The is a no-frills, no rewards card, but with a great interest rate: as low as 8.24% for those who qualify. Even if your credit history isn’t top notch, they offer cards at a 10.24% and 13.24% rate, both of which are decent rates. No annual fee.
  • The offers a rewards point program. You get 2 points for every $3 charged to the card, and points can be used toward gift cards, travel rewards, etc. No annual fee, and still a nice APR of either 9.24%, 11.24%, or 13.24%, depending on your credit history.
  • The offers greater rewards but it comes at a price. You pay a $49 annual fee (waived for the first year), but you get 1 point per dollar instead of the 2 points per $3 formula of the regular rewards card. Not worth the annual fee in our opinion.
  • The has a higher annual fee — $75 — and not much to show for it. The only real difference between this and the card above is that you’ll get a 1000-point bonus after you use the card the first time. It also has other World MasterCard benefits such as concierge service, which most people rarely if ever find useful.
  • The has a ridiculously high annual fee of $250, which doesn’t get you so much that it would be worth it to most people. This card is the same as the card above except it gives you a 5000-point bonus the first time you use it plus some vague travel benefits. Not exactly riveting rewards for $250.

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