Review: Chevron Texaco Credit Cards

chevron-texaco-credit-cardChevron Corporation, in partnership with Synchrony Bank (formerly known as GE Capital Retail Bank), offers that allow you to buy on credit at Chevron and Texaco and potentially earn rebates. Our overview / review of each card is below:

Consumer Credit Cards

There are two Chevron / Texaco credit cards for consumers:

  • The allows you to buy on credit at Chevron and Texaco gas stations. For the first 60 days you have the card, you’ll get a 30-cent-per-gallon fuel credit/rebate on your purchases. After that 60 days, though? No rebate at all, which pretty much stinks.
  • The allows you more flexibility than the card above, because you can use it anywhere Visa is accepted, not just at Chevron & Texaco. In addition, it offers the possibility of better ongoing rewards. If you spend at least $300 with the card in a month, you will get 10 cents per gallon of your Chevron / Texaco fuel purchases credited back to you. If you spend $1000 or more with the card, you’ll get 20 cents per gallon credited back.

In our view, The Chevron / Texaco Visa is really the only card that makes sense to apply for. It offers wider acceptance and better rewards than the others. (You’ll find .)

If you are declined for the Visa, we suggest you steer clear of the other card. It offers limited rewards that go away after just 2 months, and limited card acceptance. Plus, the interest rate on any of the Chevron credit cards is 26.99%, which is extremely high. If you ever carry a balance on your credit cards, steer clear of any of the Chevron / Texaco cards.

Business Credit Cards

There are who buy significant amounts of gas each month, usually for those who manage a fleet of vehicles and want to give employees the option to gas up on credit. The 2 options are:

  • The Chevron and Texaco Universal Business Card, which is a MasterCard that allows you to get rebates of up to 6 cents per gallon on your fuel purchases. (.)
  • The Chevron and Texaco Business Card that can only be used at Chevron and Texaco stations, and offers no rebate.

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