Review: Citizens Bank Credit Cards

citizens-bank-ccCitizens Bank offers , one of which is among the very best in its category. Our overview / review of the cards is below:

  • The is a cash back card that gives you a 1.5% rebate on all your card purchases with the opportunity to boost the cash back percentage to 1.8%. How to boost the reward? You get a 10% rebate bonus if you’ve used the card at least once per month for the last 6 months, and you get another 10% bonus if you deposit your cash back earnings into a Citizens Bank deposit account. So, if you do both, that boosts your overall cash back percentage to 1.80%, a very competitive rate in today’s market. (If you only do one of the two bonus options, you’d end up at a 1.65% cash back percentage.) No annual fee, interest rate of 14.99%, 17.99%, or 20.99% depending on your credit history. (See Cash Rebate Credit Cards to compare this offer to others.)

  • The does not have nearly the clear value that you’d expect. No rewards, an interest rate not much better than the card above (13.99%, 16.99% or 19.99% depending on your credit history), and a 0% rate on balance transfers for 12 months, though a 3% balance transfer fee. You can easily find lower rates and better balance transfers than this with other cards, so we can’t recommend this card.

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