Review: Commerce Bank Credit Cards

commerce-bank-credit-cardCommerce Bank, with locations mainly in Missouri and bordering states, offers that are just fine, though you can find better options on the market for just about any of their offerings. Below we offer an overview / review of each card, along with ideas on how to compare these cards with other relevant options:

  • The or are reward credit cards that offer you points on your purchases and also on the interest you pay, which is something a bit different. You get 1% cash back on all card purchases, and 3% cash back for every dollar of interest you pay on your balance. In addition, every calendar quarter there are “bonus” purchase categories announced in which you can get 2% or 3% cash back, up to a limit of 2500 points. (The card’s rebates actually come in the form of points, allowing you to redeem for gift cards or other rewards in addition to straight cash back.) There’s no annual fee on this card. Overall, the card is OK, and it’s nice that it offers points on your interest as well as purchases, though you really don’t want to pay interest, so the points on interest are more of a consolation prize than an enticing offer. We would suggest you compare this card to others in our Cash Back Credit Cards or Rewards Credit Cards sections to see where you can do better.

  • The , despite a name that suggests it’s all about travel rewards, does not seem to be any different than the card above. It gives you 1 point per dollar and purchases and 3 points per dollar on any interest charges you accrue, and also has the special 2% and 3% purchase categories each quarter.  Again, compare this card to others in our Cash Back Credit Cards or Rewards Credit Cards sections to see where you can do better.
  • The appears to offer the same rewards as the cards above. The only real difference is that the Visa Signature has a few benefits such as concierge service that make it a tiny bit more attractive.
  • The is different from the cards above in several ways, the first being that it has an annual fee of $125. While we think the $125 fee is difficult to justify for most people, the enhanced rewards this card offers may be worth it for big card spenders. You get 2 points per dollar on travel and restaurant purchases, and 1 point per dollar on other purchases, plus 3 points per dollar of interest you pay on the card. You also get the 2% and 35 bonus categories mentioned above. You can also earn bonus points in other ways, such as a 5% point bonus if you use the card for $50,000 or more in purchases in a year. Overall, though, not worth the annual fee for most people.
  • The is a credit card aimed at those trying to build or rebuild their credit, maybe because of past credit problems or maybe because they are trying to get credit for the first time. A secured credit card requires you to put down a security deposit as collateral, then you get a credit line equal to the amount of your deposit. So, if you want to have $1000 in credit, you put $1000 into the collateral savings account. However, you still make your credit card payment just like any other credit card, your payment is NOT taken from your initial deposit unless you fail to pay. As long as you make payments on time and in full, you start to build a good credit history. At some point, once your credit score has improved, you can get your security deposit back and get a standard, unsecured credit card. This card does have a $49 annual fee that is not part of the collateral deposit.

Commerce Bank also is the issuing bank for a number of partner organizations, including the , the , the , and the .

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