Review: Fifth Third Bank Credit Cards

fifth-third-credit-cardWhile it may not be thought of as one of the “big banks” when it comes to credit cards, Fifth Third Bank offers a good variety of credit cards, and the offers are competitive with the “big” banks. Below we profile the most popular of the Fifth Third offerings:

  • The offers you 2% cash back on gas and grocery store purchases, on up to $1500 of these purchases per calendar quarter. All other purchases with the card earn 1% cash back.
  • The is similar to the card above, but it is a points credit card. You receive 2 reward points per dollar for all gas and grocery store purchases, and 1 point per dollar on all other purchases. Unlike the cash back card, there is no limit to the amount of points you can earn at the 2-points-per-dollar level. Points can be used toward gift cards, merchandise, or to pay down a Fifth Third loan if you have one.

  • The is a straight credit card with no rewards. You would generally choose this card if the card’s interest rate is most important to you. However, while the card does offer a rate as low as 10.99%, you could also be approved at a rate as high as 23.99% if you don’t have good credit, so be careful.
  • The is a credit card for those looking to build a credit history for the first time, or those who have a bad credit history and want to get back on the right path. The way it works: you deposit money into a 5/3 bank account; the amount you deposit (at least $300 required) is the size of your credit line on the card. This is NOT a debit card — the money you put in is a security deposit, and you pay your bill each month like any other credit card. The security deposit is a backup for the bank’s protection. Over time, if you make your payments on time, this secured card can help improve your credit and you can hopefully move into a standard, unsecured credit card. There is a $24 annual fee to have this card, on top of any money you deposit. The interest rate of 23.99% is high — see our Secured Credit Cards page for other, cheaper options.

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