Review: Gettington Credit Card

Catalog & online retailer Gettington, in partnership with WebBank that allows you to finance your purchases at somewhat reasonable interest rates. Our overview / review of the Gettington credit card is below:

The first thing you should know about Gettington is that it is offering you credit only on Gettington purchases; it is not accepted elsewhere. We aren’t generally fans of credit offers that restrict you to a single retailer, because it forces you to open a credit line for a very narrow use — opening up too many lines of credit like this can be a negative on your credit report.

That said, Gettington offers an interesting credit product, different than most store credit cards. Each time you buy from Gettington, you have the option to use one of two credit programs:

  • “Fast Option” allows you to spread out your payment over 4 months, and offers an interest rate of 14.90%.
  • “Easy Option” gives you 24 months to pay off your purchase, but at a higher 19.9% interest.

In truth, neither option forces you to pay off your balance within the time frame listed, but Gettington does something interesting to at least make sure you’re paying a good amount each month — your minimum required payment is based on the credit program you’ve chosen. So, if you’ve chosen the Fast Option, you’re going to be getting a bill that requires you pay about 25% of that purchase each month, and if you choose the Easy Option, you’re going to get a bill that requires you to pay 5% or so of your balance each month. (These numbers are rounded; the interest that accrues will play in to the actual calculation.

Note that if you make further purchases while you have a balance on your card, the new purchases will also be factored in based on the Fast Pay or Easy Pay system. So, it is possible that you could be paying part of your balance as a Fast Pay with higher monthly payments while part of your balance is being paid at the Easy Pay rate.

We want to be clear — we don’t think you should EVER carry a balance on your credit cards. The goal should always be to have them as a convenience and pay them off each month. But, if you don’t, the Gettington credit formula isn’t terrible in comparison to many other options out there.

You can apply for Gettington credit online via .

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