Review: Hyatt Credit Card

hyatt-credit-cardHyatt Hotels, in partnership with Chase, that helps you earn free nights at Hyatt properties. But it’s not free. Is it worth it? Our overview / review is below:

The Hyatt credit card is a Visa, which means it is widely accepted, a good thing. Here at, we think that if you’re going to open a new credit line, it should generally be for a card that you can use widely versus one tied to just one retailer or travel provider.

Before we go over the rewards this card offers, it’s important to talk about the annual fee. While there is no fee for the first year you have the card, you’ll pay $75 per year after that. Do the rewards make it worth the fee? That may depend on how many other points you are already earning from Hyatt stays.

Let’s see what you get:

  • You get 3 points per dollar on purchases at Hyatt properties. (You need at least 5000 points for a free Hyatt stay.)
  • You get 2 points per dollar on purchases at restaurants, from airlines, and from car rental agencies.
  • You get 1 point per dollar everywhere else.
  • 2 free nights at Hyatt properties from any hotel category if you use the card for at least $1000 in purchases within the first 3 months of having it.
  • 1 free night each year on your “card anniversary”
  • Platinum status that gives you perks such as free in-room Internet, late checkout (2PM), etc.

It’s a lot. And if we were frequent travelers to Hyatt properties already, it would be a no-brainer to get this card. Your $75 annual fee is basically paid for with the free night each year. In addition, the card’s 15.99% interest rate is competitive with most reward cards on the market.

You can apply for the Hyatt credit card online via .

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