Review: Lord & Taylor Credit Card

lord-taylor-ccsDepartment store chain Lord & Taylor, in partnership with Capital One, with various discount opportunities built in, but not a traditional reward points program like so many other department store credit cards. Our overview / review of the Lord & Taylor credit card is below:

Lord & Taylor credit cards can only be used for purchases at Lord & Taylor stores. This limited usage is something to consider: Do you shop at Lord & Taylor often enough to want a new line of credit just for this store, especially considering its high interest rate (which we’ll discuss in a moment)?

If the answer to that question is yes, the Lord & Taylor credit card has a few perks you’ll enjoy, though it does not have the traditional points program that gives you greater rewards the more you spend:

  • You get 15% off of your purchases on the day you are approved for the card (up to $100 in savings).
  • You get 8 to 10 chances per year to get discounts off of a day’s purchases when you use the card.

Like so many department store credit cards, the Lord & Taylor card has a ridiculously high interest rate: 25.49%. If you ever carry a balance on your credit cards, steer clear. The interest you pay on this card will not be worth the discounts you receive.

However, if you do pay your balances off each month religiously, you can apply for the Lord & Taylor credit card online via .

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