Review: Maurices Credit Card

maurices-ccWomen’s clothing retailer Maurices with questionable benefits that we can’t recommend. Our full overview / review of the card is below:

The first thing to understand about the Maurices credit card is that it can only be used at Maurices stores. We’re not fans of opening new credit lines for cards that have such limited usage. (Opening too many credit cards can hurt your credit score.)

Now, we might be OK with opening up a limited-use card like this if it had killer rewards. The Maurices card does not. In fact, the only rewards you’ll ever get from this card are when you first open it: You’ll get a 15% discount on your first purchase after you receive the card in the mail. If you apply for the card inside a Maurices store, you’ll get an initial 10% off that first day’s purchases as well.

But that’s it. No points program, no further rewards to excite you about using the card.

That’s not all, though. With so little upside to having this card, you might think it would have a great interest rate to encourage you to buy more Maurices clothing. It does not. In fact, the interest rate is terrible: 26.99%!!! You do not want to be in a position in which you are paying more than 25%+ for your Maurices purchases, do you?

So, you’ve been warned. But if you still want to apply for a Maurices credit card, .

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