Review: Rooms To Go Credit Card

rooms-to-go-credit-cardOnline furniture store Rooms To Go, in partnership with TD Bank, that allows you to finance your purchases over time, often at a promotional 0% interest rate. But be careful of that interest rate if you don’t pay in time! Our overview / review of the Rooms To Go credit card is below:

The Rooms To Go credit card can only be used at Rooms To Go — it is not accepted at any other stores. That is a limitation that we do not like — do you really want to open up a new line of credit for a card that can only be used at a single online furniture store?

Maybe you do. And the main reason you would is if you were making a big purchase and saw an offer for “No Interest Until January 2019” or something of that nature. (We actually saw the January of 2019 offer last time we visited the site.) It is obviously tempting to want to buy under such an offer. But the thing to remember is this: If you don’t pay off the furniture with that promotional period when there is no interest, you will then pay a very high interest rate on whatever balance is left over — in this case, a sky-high 29.99%!

So, while there’s nothing terrible about the Rooms To Go credit card, there’s little reason to get it unless you have a big purchase that you really need to finance, and you know you can get the purchase paid off within the 0% time period. Otherwise, steer clear.

You can apply for a Rooms To Go credit card via .

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