Review: Spirit Airlines Credit Card

spirit-airlines-credit-cardSpirit Airlines, in partnership with Bank of America, that allows you to earn miles toward future Spirit Airlines flights. Our overview / review of the Spirit Airlines credit card is below:

The Spirit Airlines World MasterCard offers you 2 Free Spirit miles for every dollar you spend with the card. You don’t get more points on Spirit Airlines purchases — it’s 2 miles per dollar across the board on all purchases. You can redeem your miles for flights starting at as little as 5,000 points for a round-trip ticket. (The 5,000-point trips are for off-peak flights. to understand how miles can be redeemed.) These 5,000-mile flights are exclusive to Spirit Airlines MasterCard customers.

In addition to the points you’ll earn every day by using the card, you get a big bonus for getting the card and using it the first time: 15,000 miles, good for up to 3 free flights.

There is an annual fee of $59 for the World MasterCard, though that fee is waived for the first year you have the card. The card’s interest rate could be as low as 13.24% but as high as 23.24% depending on your credit history — don’t ever carry a balance on the card or the interest you pay will essentially cancel out part or all of the rewards you earn!

To apply for the Spirit Airlines World MasterCard, use .

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