Review: S&T Bank Credit Cards

s&t-bankS&T Bank, with branches mainly in Pennsylvania, to its customers. We offer an overview / review of these cards below, including our thoughts on how they compare to other cards on the market:

  • The is offered in 2 flavors, one with an annual fee and one without. The no-annual-fee Visa has an interest rate of 11.25%, while the Visa with an annual fee of $25 has an interest rate of 9.25%. Unless you are carrying a high balance, say $1000 or more, and you don’t think you can pay it off any time soon, it wouldn’t make sense to pay $25 a year for the lower interest rate. (The rates on this card are very competitive, whether you pay an annual fee or not — see our Low Interest Credit Cards page to compare to other low-rate cards.)

  • The is for those new to credit or those looking to rebuild their credit history. You deposit money into a savings account or CD, and that money becomes collateral. You then get a credit line equal to the amount of your deposit. Note that you still pay off the card each month — the money you deposit is not used to pay your bills, but is instead protection for the bank. See our Secured Credit Cards page for more information on how these cards work, and a list of other secured cards from major banks.

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