Store Credit Cards Issued By Capital One

Capital One is well-known for issuing their own credit cards and asking “What’s in your wallet?” But did you realize that Capital One is also the issuing bank behind many popular retail store credit cards? When you apply for any of the following store cards, you are actually applying to start a new card relationship with Capital One as well:

  • – Perhaps Capital One’s biggest retailer relationship. It is not obvious when you sign up, but the Kohl’s credit card is issued by Capital One.
  • – Capital One issues this high-end department store’s credit card.

  • – Women’s clothing retailer partners with Capital One to offer a credit card to its customers.
  • – Major furniture retail store card is issued by Capital One.
  • – Tween girls retail store chain issues its credit card in partnership with Capital One.
  • – Regional department store chain offers a credit card backed by Capital One.
  • – The credit card of the Menards home improvement store chain is issued in partnership with Capital One.
  • – Luxury retailers partners with Capital One for its credit card.
  • – Capital One issues the credit card of this high-end department store.