United Airlines Launches No-Annual-Fee TravelBank Credit Card

By , albinamatveeva.ru

United Airlines has launched a new credit card in partnership with Chase that aims to draw in customers who aren’t willing to pay an annual fee. The also offers a very different rewards formula that does not incorporate United’s existing MileagePlus frequent flyer program.

The United TravelBank Card works like a cash back card, except the cash back you earn can only be used toward future United purchases. This lack of flexibility in using your rewards is a real downside when comparing this card to other general travel rewards cards that offer similar rebates.

Specifically, the United TravelBank Card offers 2% in rebates on United purchases, and 1.5% in rebates on all other purchases with the card. You can then use these rebates to offset or completely pay for future United purchases. For example, if you purchase a United ticket that costs $400 and you have earned $100 in TravelBank rebates, you could lower that $400 cost by the $100 in TravelBank Cash and pay $300 for that ticket.

The United TravelBank Card offers a couple of other worthy perks, including 25% off United in-flight purchases and no fees on card transactions outside of the United States, which is rare for a no-annual fee credit card. You can also earn a bonus $150 in TravelBank Cash if you use the card for at least $1000 in purchases in the first 3 months you have it.

Overall, the TravelBank Card seems like an interesting idea that does not have a clear place in today’s market. There are competing travel cards (such as the ) that offer similar rewards while giving you the flexibility to use earnings on any airline or even take those earnings in cash back. And by disconnecting this card from the MileagePlus program, the no-annual-fee feature becomes less interesting — most people who want a United credit card are going to want to earn the same MileagePlus miles that they would earn for flying United in general.